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GN Netcom 9350 Wireless Headset Premium Package
(phone and computer use)

Our Best Wireless Headset ever!

The GN Netcom 9350 is our best wireless ever! Equipped with NEW DECT™ 6.0 technology, this stylish, ultralight headset delivers exceptional sound and 300 feet of wireless freedom. Wi-Fi friendly and secure, the GN 9350 connects to your phone & computer.

The GN 9350 is also the first wireless headset to offer true wideband audio performance when used for computer-based IP telephony, and the first to incorporate Digital Signal Processing technology for far superior sound quality. Plus it's exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. The simple-to-operate controls and sophisticated LCD display on the base unit allow you to set call parameters such as volume, audio output, range, and treble/bass to suit your individual preferences.

The new GN 9350 is truly in a class by itself, offering a long list of innovative features no other headset can match!

  • DECT™ 6.0 technology — delivers exceptional sound quality and is Wi-Fi friendly and secure.

  • Up to 300-foot range — gives you the freedom to talk hands free all around your office.

  • Up to 9 hours of talk time — lets you talk all day long. Plus 43 hours of standby time ensures your GN 9350 is always ready for action.

  • Stylish and ultra-lightweight — so you can wear this cool-looking headset all day long.

  • Connects to phone and computer — automatically switching between the two when a call is received so you never have to think about it.

  • 3 Wearing styles — include headband, neckband and earhook to suit your particular preference.

  • LCD Display — is located in the base of the headset and allows you to set your personal control settings for volume, range/power, treble/bass, and protection levels.

  • Optional second battery — gives you around the clock talk time.

  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology — removes impurities from the incoming signal, enriches sound quality, and maintains a safe consistent volume level.

  • Wideband audio — with an astounding 6.8 kHz frequency bandwidth using IP telephony (twice that of traditional telephony). This high-definition sound increases the clarity of all your IP calls.

  • Noise-cancelling mic — ensures your voice is transmitted clearly even in loud environments.

  • IntelliTone™ — automatically adjusts call volume and PeakStop™ protects your ears from loud, unexpected noise spikes.

  • Digital security encryption — ensures that the person you're talking to is the only one listening.

  • Plus — mute function, online indicator light, battery status indicator, multi-unit conferencing, digital security encryption for secure calling, and more.

Extend your freedom with remote answering
Answer and hang up without returning to your desk. When your phone rings, the GN 1000 RHL sends an audible signal right through your GN 9350 headset. To answer, simply activate your headset and your phone's handset will be lifted off-hook automatically, so you can take the call. The handset is also lowered back into place automatically when you end the call. No more mad dashes across the office. And no more missed calls.

Before you buy
The GN 1000 RHL's ring detector feature may not work with some AT&T phones. All other functions work perfectly. Please call toll free to see if your phone is compatible. Also, the GN 1000 RHL will only work when you use the GN 9350 with your desk phone. It is not compatible when you are using it for computer-based IP telephony.

What's In the Box?
GN Netcom 9350 Wireless Headset, charging base, user manual, and remote answerer.

Manufacturer: GN Netcom


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