Voicemail Systems

CallPilot 150

Ports/Line/Extension Capability: 8 Ports
Storage Time: 32 hrs
# ofMailbox: Up to 300
# of Main Greetings: 32
Outbound Transfer from Mailbox: Yes
Directory by Name: Yes. Full display options

  • Web-based administration interface
  • Embedded applications activated with a simple key code
  • Advanced Features, such as Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging, AMIS, VPIM, Custom Call Routing (CCR), and Basic Call Center.


CallPilot 100

Ports/Line/Extension Capability: 4 Ports
Storage Time: 9 hrs
# ofMailbox: Up to 40
# of Main Greetings: 10
Outbound Transfer from Mailbox: Yes
Directory by Name: Yes. Full display options

  • Basic Call Center
  • Backup & Restore
  • CallPilot Manager Browser Administration
  • VPIM/AMIS Networking
  • Unified Messaging
  • Park and Page
  • Holiday Schedule


Norstar Flash 2 Voice Mail

The Startalk flash is an older voicemail system that is able to interface with the 616 and 824 line of telephone systems. The telephone system must be DR 5 or higher and have the DS feature.

  • Voice channels 2
  • Total storage 90 Minutes (Maximum)
  • Mailbox 24
  • Software 1.7, 1.9 or 2.0

The StarTalk Flash-2 voice mail unit can start small and grow to double its capacity. It integrates seamlessly with all the Norstar systems that we sell. It only takes up one station port on the Norstar system, but provides two channels of use - two parties can access the voice mail system simultaneously (two outside callers, two internal users, or combination of each). By adding a firmware chip, the unit can double in capacity, which can be of value if business growth is anticipated. Flash 2 is for business sites with 1-24 users that can benefit from applications such as Auto Attendant and Custom Call Routing. Includes two ports, up to 24 mailboxes, and 90 minutes of memory. Flash voice mails operate on RAM chips or "flash" memory technology and contain no moving parts.


Norstar flash 2.0 voicemail system


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